Savatage – Streets


1. Streets
2. Jesus Saves
3. Tonight He Grins Again/Strange Reality
4. A Little Too Far
5. You’re Alive/Sammy and Tex
6. St. Patrick’s
7. Can You Hear Me Now
8. New York City Don’t Mean Nothing
9. Ghost in the Ruins
10. If I Go Away
11. Agony and Ecstasy/Heal My Soul
12. Somewhere in Time/Believe


Savatage – Alone You Breathe

R.I.P. Criss


Цитати от песни

Мисля, да публикувам цитати от песни, които ми вдъхват респект.

Is it dark with a single flame ( Savatage – Chance )

… no one ever sees the tears
When you’re crying in the rain
( Whitesnake – Crying in the Rain )

Dreams witch come true, just have died ( Edguy – How Many Miles )

I believe that situations
All depend on circumstance
( Savatage – Chance )

I know that you can love me
When there’s no one left to blame
( Guns ‘n’ Roses – November Rain )