Last night I spent some time with the guys from West London Hack Night and I enjoyed it a lot. That night’s topic of choice was “Brainfuck interpreter“. Unfortunately there wasn’t a PHP team so I had to be a part of the JavaScript team and … we failed to deliver. But to be honest the main reason was that we spent much time trying to understand how Brainfuck works.

Well … after a couple of hours today I created a working interpreter but with PHP. It will be an easy job to do it as JavaScript but I see no reason for that – there are plenty of JavaScript implementations out there (and PHP, and any other language).

Anyway, if you have some questions or even better – suggestions how to make it better, please put a comment or just clone the repo and push, push, push 🙂


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Premium real estate HTML template

After more than 4 months of late night hours I’m really pleased to see my (and my partner’s) work finally on Themeforest.

We’ve been working really hard to create this premium real estate HTML template and we are focusing on moving to the next phase now – fully functional, cutting edge and out of the box properties/estates manager in a form of a WordPress theme. We know that there are some really good competitors but we will try “to make waves” 🙂

We call it Estetico!

Check out the screenshots gallery!


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We will not let it just be. In the next few weeks we will add some cool new features to HTML template … let’s say it will be version 1.1.